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 Applying for gm

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Applying for gm Empty
PostSubject: Applying for gm   Applying for gm Icon_minitimeWed Oct 29, 2008 4:36 pm

InGame Name:XsasukeX4

Byond Key:XsasukeX4

Gm Experience:i hav been gm in 25 games
What Being A GM Means To You:tht ill help ppl in wutever they need help with and ill nver abuse my power

What Can You Bring To The Game: i can bring fun to the game and alot ofhappy people

Extra Info:i hav experince in bleach, naruto ,and pokemon games and i like helping people so consider me ^^

What Can You Bring To The Game: i can enforce the rules and help make the game run smoothly

What Else You Bring To The Game: I can probably get more players to play the game, and would be willing to do so because this is a fun game. But I would never go as far as to go on another game to advertise, but make reccomendations to friends and such.

Extra Info: I don't abuse, and people have said I am a good Enforcer. However, it is also the owners decision if I should get GM, or not.

What Being A GM Means To You: Helping ppl with watever they need, gettin rid of spammers, punishing law breakers, and the worst of all; gettin rid of idiot player catchers.

What Being A GM Means To You: It means to help people out when there are in problems or just got any questions, not to abuse cause thats so wrong. And i would help to find bugs and make the game better.

I hope you like it, and hope that I am qualified enough to get this job.
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Applying for gm
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