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 Applying for Grass Gym Leader

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Applying for Grass Gym Leader Empty
PostSubject: Applying for Grass Gym Leader   Applying for Grass Gym Leader Icon_minitimeWed Oct 29, 2008 4:24 pm

InGame Name: XsasukeX4

Byond Key: XsasukeX4
Position Applying For: Grass Gym Leader

Extra Info: I think i would be a good gl because I work hard and do things fairly. i am on whenever i have time and i have Alot of time so i will be on most of the day. I will follow all the rules and do things as i should. I hate whiners and will not give badges to people who just ask for them Why you should hire me - I have a LOT of experience in several different games, I've been chosen to be a Gymleader five times (Not including the games that i'm making) I'm active, I like to battle, i follow the rules...etc
I also have several people who can vouch for me ;D.

Extra Extra Info:
I believe I am the best suited person for the job as I have previous experience on different games and because I know what I am going to do if I receive the rank.Ive Been Gym Leader 25 Times I Also Keep the Games Im in I Help Keep Things in Order
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Applying for Grass Gym Leader
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