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 Rokuus GM Application

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PostSubject: Rokuus GM Application   Sun Oct 19, 2008 4:17 pm

InGame Name: Rokuu

Byond Key: Leonken3

Gm Experience:I have been a GM around three or four times before in other games, a game called Castle, SpaceCastle, GoldGuardians, and a naruto game I cant remember.

What Being A GM Means To You: It would mean a lot to me, a lot of my firends are GMs so I can hang out with them and help with the game, I like to help so I would be kinda happy as a GM.

What Can You Bring To The Game: I can bring in fair judgement, suggestions, and help the game run smoothly.

Extra Info:I am very helpful with laying down the law, and suggestions. Im fair when it comes to he did this, but he did this type of thing.fx
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Rokuus GM Application
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