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 Dawn of Chaos Pt.4

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PostSubject: Dawn of Chaos Pt.4   Sun Oct 19, 2008 11:35 am

The Story Of Soki: The Freestyle Fighter

Soki stares into the clouds


Soki time to come in.

Soki walks inside

Aren't you gonna speak to our guest.

Soki walks right up to his room.

Guess he doesn't remember me.

I'm pretty she he does but you left him as a baby right after mom died so he has that horrible flashback every time he see's you.

Soki's Father:
I can't blame him for that.
Wish there was some way i could make things right with him.

Well there is a way to rebuild some of the lost connection between you and him.

Soki's Father:
I think i know what you mean.
It's time for him to learn Freestyle Fighting!

Wanna know the rest of Soki's story then stay tune for the game Dawn of Chaos!

Release Date:


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Dawn of Chaos Pt.4
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