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 Lordmaul GMlvl 3 application

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Lordmaul GMlvl 3 application Empty
PostSubject: Lordmaul GMlvl 3 application   Lordmaul GMlvl 3 application Icon_minitimeFri Oct 17, 2008 3:28 am

ingame name:Lordmaul


Mapper exp:
1)Naruto serei. Zach smith
2)Pokemon Hindangon Region. Pinoyz
3)Pokemon Daybreak. Masterdelta4
4)Sacred productionz (most of there games)

Coding exp: None.. but everyone needs to start somewhere

Gm exp:
alot of games like: Naruto rise of the blood ninja and Naruto shippuuden but that all was just for testing

lvl3 GM at Ilywestside his game: DBZ Fight for Supremecy

Admin: Naruto Bleach take-over. some Naruto BOTLS servers, Naruto,Ninja arts. Naruto Shinobi Legends.

Co-owner: Naruto Bleach take-over ( one of the gods),
Pokemon Daybreak. Pokemon Hindangon Region.

Being a gm means to me that i help people when i can't help them without my GM powers. and being a GM means that you help the game progress and help enforcing the rules.

I hate abusing people and that's my main reason that i don't abuse myself ^^

I can bring new maps and new codings to the game.

extra info: well i have enough exp for the position i want and i already know the verbs that i get as admin^^ i was Co-owner on 2 other Underground rip's and i also have the source (if your afraid that i rip the game).

so this was my application. thanks for reading it

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Lordmaul GMlvl 3 application
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